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When buying your next new or used car. It is very important to shop around. You would never buy the first house you see for sale. Buying an automobile should be no different. AllOptions offers a quick and convenient way to receive free multiple quotes for the auto loan that you need.

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Credit is a resource to determine how much of a risk a borrower can be. Your credit is a major factor when financing an automobile. When you have bad credit, lenders will usually give you a higher interest rate. When lenders compete for your business, you can be assured you'll get the best deal. The example below is for demonstration purposes, but shows the interest and payment amount difference depending on credit status.

Credit Status Interest Rate Payment Cost at 5 yr. term
Good 6% 386.66 $ 23,199.60
Average 12% 444.89 $ 26,693.40
Bad 22% 552.38 $ 33,142.80